Since the establishment of Jian Hwa in 1979, we focused on the Ironwork and Traditional Tapping Machine Assembly. Under the leadership of President, Mr. Pao-Lai Li, and employees' hard working, we obtained the reputation on the market, and constantly made improvement and innovation. Hence, the brand of Jian-Hwa has been built in 1990. From the early stage of Single Spindle Tapping Machine to the precise reversible Tapping Machine present, we challenged not only the existing technology but also accumulated the experience of manufacture tapping machines.

With the Quality Policy “Customer Satisfaction and Zero Defects,” every process of R&D, Manufacture, and Product Assembly is carried out with the concept of strict quality monitoring, precision, and efficiency. We use CAD/CAM computer software and 3D modeling to design the best structure.

To be an international professional machinery manufacturer, we followed the principle of Market Orientation and Match Customers Requirement.” We fabricate exclusive product pursuant to customers' requirement. Our Multi-Production also provides our customers flexible adjustment and Infinity support, in order to improve the product competitively, we established Shanghai Branch Company to serve our customers all over the world.

In 2006, Jian Hwa established the OEM department which manufactures many varieties nuts including not only international standard nuts also special nuts especially customization nuts and automobile nuts. There are many different types of tapper which are designed by Jian Hwa have been invested in OEM department. It can produce each product in the lowest cost and highest efficiency; also we can understand all tappers working condition and improve the disadvantage of tappers to provide useful information and work experience to R&D department for future develop plan.


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